Leadership Coaching

We specialize in one-on-one coaching and team facilitation within organizations.


We work with individual leaders seeking to grow their personal leadership, groups and teams desiring to move through stuck dynamics, and senior leaders working to unleash the heart and soul of their organization. We are inspired by Nature as a source for timeless wisdom to cut through leadership complexities – you’ll see what we mean! 

Who we are.

DropOcean was founded by Samina Hashmi to support the leadership capacities and systemic shifts required to meet today’s complexities. 

What we do.

Through coaching, facilitation and strategy, we partner with our clients to evolve their leadership, nurture their teams to thrive, and transform their organizations.

Why we do it.

We believe these transformational times are requiring every one of us to become leaders with the meta-capacities of presence and deep listening.

“I am a leader in an organization that values collaborative processes. When I found myself feeling disempowered and unclear about how to move forward in a difficult situation, a colleague suggested that we consider an executive coach. We approached Samina and after just a couple of sessions with her I realized that having someone who could help me navigate through the issues by finding my own solutions was an invaluable source of growth both for me personally and for the organization.

We have since called on Samina to assist with facilitating difficult meetings as well as full faculty sessions. Samina’s calm and centered approach allows her to guide the conversation in a way that encourages the participants to speak openly, feel heard and valued, and therefore become full participants in the outcomes.”

Helene Gross, Pedagogical Administrator, Toronto Waldorf School 

We are a Toronto-based, virtually-global, boutique consulting practice that specializes in executive coaching, team development and strategy.

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