What we do

“The quality of results achieved by any system is a function of the quality of awareness that people in the systems operate from.”

Otto Scharmer

Through coaching, facilitation and strategy, we partner with our clients to evolve their leadership, nurture their teams to thrive, and transform their organizations.

Executive CoachingExecutive Coaching

Executive Coaching

Evolve your leadership capacity

Your leadership can evolve to new depths and at an accelerated pace when you’re supported by the right coach.

We offer one-on-one coaching which involves jointly designed outcomes and a format that fits your schedule.

Facilitation & Training

Nurture your teams to thrive

Your teams can be united, collaborative and connected.

Programs and workshops are customized to support each leadership team’s unique culture, development goals and to get below the surface to enable real and lasting connection.

Strategic ConsultationStrategic Consultation

Strategic Shifts

Transform your organization

Your organization can be agile, resilient, and responsive.

We partner with senior leaders to observe the system, the patterns and the real vs perceived organizational culture. Together, we co-create strategic shifts.

We invite you to sense into a future partnership together.

“Samina has a unique capacity to awaken people with her clarity of vision and intentionality. It was joyful and creative to work with Samina. I got to know and appreciate her ability to remain deeply committed to the work, to ask really good questions, to remain curious and compassionate, to observe the present and sense into the future. While Samina excels at creating a safe and supportive learning environment, she is also bold and has a strong capability to step into challenging moments. I would highly recommend Samina as a strategist and facilitator.”

Dorothy LeBaron, Founder, BiographyCoach

We are a Toronto-based, virtually-global, boutique consulting practice that specializes in executive coaching, team development and strategy.

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