Executive Coaching

Our coaching relationships are based on a true partnership model. In nature, that looks an awful lot like companion planting*.

*Companion planting is when certain plants are grown in combination to enhance each other’s growth, repel insects, and increase fruit production.

What would it mean for your leadership if you had a development partner who can be your sounding board, reveal new perspectives and support you in accessing your own wisdom and best judgment?

Who is it for?

Our clients are usually high performing leaders within organizations in varied sectors; education, start-ups, healthcare, not-for-profit, private and government. They work hard, often are engaged with work that they enjoy, and yet also have a sense that something is needing to change. They often desire to seek new ways of seeing, being or doing.

Every leader, no matter how seasoned or well qualified, can benefit from the support of a skilled partner. Particularly when that partner arrives with the single agenda to serve that leader’s highest potential.

What results are possible?

The essence of our coaching is a nuanced, one-on-one relationship that aims at accelerated individual development. When you choose to invest in your leadership development, you are actually investing in your human development that will touch every aspect of your life. Though specific results are highly tailored, a few overarching results shared by clients have been:

    • An increased awareness, clarity and confidence to create the future you want.
    • An expanded capacity and ease to be with ambiguity and uncertainty. 
    • A measurable shift in the meta-capacities of presence and deep listening. 

What can you expect?

We offer customized one-on-one coaching which involves jointly designed outcomes and a format that fits your schedule. An engagement can look like a 1.5hr session every two weeks, over a period of six months. Or it can look like a series of half-day session’s at an executive’s office. These can be in-person sessions if in the Toronto, Canada area, or video-conference, if anywhere else in the world. 

What’s our approach?

The essential offer of coaching is to step into new possibilities for leadership in our own lives and organizations, greater effectiveness in moving our commitments forward, and greater contributions to a world that is in need of what we each can offer. 

We draw upon the Presence-based Coaching methodology, which integrates the fields of developmental psychology, complexity theory, leadership, mindfulness, somatics, and interpersonal neurobiology. 

Let’s sense into a coaching partnership together.

“When I found myself feeling disempowered and unclear about how to move forward in a difficult situation, a colleague suggested that we consider seeking assistance to explore solutions to the challenge. We approached Samina and after just a couple of sessions with her I realized that having someone who could help me navigate through the issues by finding my own solutions was an invaluable source of growth both for me personally and for the organization.”

Helene Gross, Pedagogical Administrator, Toronto Waldorf School 

We are a Toronto-based, virtually-global, boutique consulting practice that specializes in executive coaching, team development and strategy.

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