Strategic Shifts

We work with senior leaders to develop their personal mastery and tend to the cultural levers necessary to nurture a thriving learning organization. In nature, this looks an awful lot like the underground fungal networks in a forest*

*Underground fungal networks connect the trees in a healthy forest. Trees share water, nutrients and communicate through these networks. They send distress signals about drought, disease and insect attacks, causing other trees to alter their behaviour when they receive these messages.

What could it mean to evolve your organization to be in cooperative, interdependent relationships, maintained by resilience and a collective intelligence?

Who is it for?

Our clients are often leaders at the helm of an organization who understand that leading an organization today requires mind-sets, behaviours, structures and systems that have not been traditional or conventional in the business landscape. They seek to have their organization characterized by features like self-managed teams, intuitive reasoning and decentralized decision-making. Or very simply, they seek to unleash the heart and soul of their organization. They also recognize that these practices are so new that their personal leadership is requiring them to step into uncharted waters, without a map of where to go and how to do it. 

What results are possible?

Otto Scharmer said it best, “The quality of results achieved by any system is a function of the quality of awareness that people in these systems operate from.

We work with the system to evolve the quality of awareness of key people and groups.

What’s our approach?

We partner with senior leaders to observe the system, the patterns and the real vs perceived organizational culture, and together we co-create strategic shifts. 

If any of the above speaks to the future you wish to create, let’s begin a conversation.

We are a Toronto-based, virtually-global, boutique consulting practice that specializes in executive coaching, team development and strategy.

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